True Love

I am a romantic and for that I will never be ashamed or apologize. True love is that for which we should fight. If this were not true, then there would be no poetry, no romance novels, no tales of chivalrous knights on quests. I love and therefore I live. Love which catches us spellbound and leaves us breathless should never die. To let true love die is the ultimate shame and an insult to God.

A true love is that which begins with overwhelming feeling and then continues long after all the telltale signs of infatuation have passed. This is why fighting to save love is often so necessary. We are often too immature to be able to continue to love past end of the breathlessness, yet we wish love to last to the end of our lives. Many of us abandon love after the fluttering hearts and flowers have seemed to have disappeared, instead of remembering that they are always there to call back at any moment.

Falling in love is not a game for youth, but a life-long process of maturation. To find that we love someone is to discover truth, to learn trust, and to realize what is valuable in ourselves.


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  1. You are sweet cute and adorable!

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